Inquiry, opinion

As you accept inquiry, opinion to Taiki-cho, please approach casually.
When answer is hoped for, please input the name, address, phone number, e-mail address by all means.
We may not use personal information for the purpose of other than confirmation and answer to inquiry.
Please note that you may need the days for answer by inquiry contents.

To//inquiry, opinion registration completion screen

[instructions at the time of input]

  • Item of "" seal must input by all means.
  • Please input "two-byte" "half size" by designation of input item.
    Please be careful on this occasion in one which is not changed automatically of Japanese input.
  • If input of all items is over, please click "send" button.
    Please push "clear" button on this occasion when you want to revoke all the input items.
  • If we push "send" button, and registration is completed, we are replaced by registration completion screen.
Full name 【two-byte, Ex:○○ Taro】
Phone number 【one-byte, Ex:XX-XXXX-XXXX】
FAX number 【one-byte, Ex:XX-XXXX-XXXX】
E-Mail address
Inquiry title 【two-byte】
Inquiry contents
Please fill in your desire when and how you wish to receive our reply.


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