About conduct of the summer light dress (Cool Biz) and power saving

 And between May 1 and September 30, we carry out light dress (Cool Biz) in the summer so that the staff accomplishes work comfortably in Honcho as we enforce light dress in work room strictly to push forward strict management (air conditioner setting temperature 28 degrees, shortening of air conditioner time) of air conditioner setting temperature as approach for energy saving based on Law for the Promotion of Measures to Tackle Global Warming in country, Hokkaido, and little, to perform work comfortably.
 In addition, we carry out power saving to usually plan reduction of power consumption in public facilities in the town block. I would like your understanding and cooperation.

About the town office

We show around office and branch office.

Office government building Representative    6-2111
The fourth floor City Council Secretariat  Charge of General Affairs, person in charge of proceedings   6-5035
The third floor The mayor room     6-2111
  The vice-mayor room    6-2111
  General Administration Division Charge of General Affairs, person in charge of staff computation, person in charge of disaster prevention, person in charge of administration of property contract, Charge of Finances  6-2112
  Plan business and industry section Charge of Planning  6-2113
    Charge of Public Relations & Statistics, Charge of Commerce, Industry & Tourism  6-2114
  (aerospace promotion room)
Person in charge of promotion, person in charge of promotion
  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division Charge of Agricultural Administration, Charge of Husbandry, Charge of Forest Policy Planning, Charge of Fisheries  6-2115
The second floor Inhabitants section Person in charge of inhabitants activity, teller, Charge of Health Insurance & Pension  6-2116
    Person in charge of residence tax, asset person in charge of tax, Charge of Tax Payment  6-2117
  Construction Waterworks Division Charge of Maintenance, Charge of Water Service, person in charge of engineering works, Charge of Building, person in charge of sewer  6-2118
    Person in charge of waterworks  6-2920
  The receipt and disbursement section The receipt and disbursement charge  6-2172
  Agricultural Committee Charge of General Affairs, person in charge of farmland  6-2110
Representative    6-4833
  Health and Welfare Division Charge of Welfare  6-4833
    Person in charge of care insurance
    Charge of Public Health
    Person in charge of child childcare
    Charge of Supports for the Elderly
muuku   Charge of Nursing Promotion  6-2272
Lifelong Learning Center Representative    6-5555
(Board of Education)
The superintendent of education room
  School Education Division  Charge of Maintenance  6-2130
  Social Education Division Person in charge of social education, person in charge of social physical education  6-2133
  Library Charge of Water Service  6-3445
Lunch center   Person in charge of lunch   6-2418
Special elderly nursing home
  Charge of General Affairs, life ombudsman, person in charge of care, person in charge of lunch, person in charge of nursing  6-2361
Day service center   Charge of General Affairs, person in charge of care, person in charge of nursing  6-2558
Municipal Hospital
  Medical office     
Person in charge of drug
  Nursing department
Person in charge of nursing, person in charge of health  
  Rehabilitation department
Person in charge of rehabilitation
  Clinical laboratory
Clinical searcher
  Radiation room
Person in charge of radiation
  Nourishment department Person in charge of lunch
  The secretariat Charge of General Affairs, person in charge of medical affairs  

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