Social security, tax number system

My number system begins

fuban does my number (personal number) of one one toward all having resident's card and promotes efficiency of administration and raises convenience of the nation, and "my number system" is system for the purpose of fairness realizing fair society.

From October, 2015, my number (personal number) is notified each nations of.

●Number (12 digits) of one one is notified of toward all having resident's card.

●Notice card of my number is mailed to address of resident's card by town. Please warn person living in place unlike address of resident's card.

※In corporation, corporation number (13 digits) of one 1 corporation is appointed and can use anyone freely.

We use my number throughout the life. Please value.

●My number is not changed throughout the life unless number leaks out and might be used illegally.

From January, 2016, my number is necessary by social security, tax, administrative procedure of anti-disaster measures.

My number is usable only for administrative procedure determined in the field of social security, tax, anti-disaster measures by law.

My number and personal secret are recorded, and person handling my number offers personal information file to another person unfairly, and it is prohibited what we obtain illegally.

●Social securitymainatyan

 ▽Qualification and confirmation, payment of pension

 ▽Payment ▽ welfare of the field of welfare

●Anti-disaster measures

 ▽Payment of money for support of reconstructing livelihoods of disaster victims

 ▽Making desk work of victim account book


 ▽In report, notification form, record to submit to the tax authority mentions

Securing of relief, security in social security, tax number system

●Personal information protection

 Because relief, security uses my number, we take measures to protect personal information from both of "system side" and "system side".

●Protection measures of system side

 We collect personal information including my number except thing with regulations for law and forbid keeping. In addition, my number is managed appropriately, but third-party organization called specific personal information protection Committee performs monitoring, supervision. Furthermore, penal regulations when it violated law become serious than before.

●Protection measures in system side

 We do not consolidate personal information and information of pension breaks up pension office, information of tax as before as having said with tax office and manages. In addition, when we exchange information between administrations, it prevents you from using my number directly and limits people whom system can access and encrypts when we communicate.

Difference of "notice card" and "personal number card?"

◆Notice card

 By paper card to give 12 digits of personal numbers assigned by notice card of personal number, it reaches after this October.

 Other than personal number, sex is listed on address, full name, the date of birth, and photograph of the face is not published in face of a bill of notice card. When you acquire personal number card, notice card is not just necessary after January, 2016, and please keep carefully as it is important thing which we can use for identity verification in conjunction with other identification cards not to lose. Fee is going to be necessary when we lose card to receive re-grant.

 When address changes by moving after day when we received notice card, bring without forgetting at the time of address change procedure.


◆Personal number card

 Sex, photograph of the face are published in the surface of card with IC tip on address, full name, the date of birth, and personal number is listed in the back side. It is available as identification card for identity verification, and electronic certificate which electronic application such as eTAX can perform is equipped with.

 We are free of charge and, after this October, can acquire grant application sent with notice card reaching everybody in mailing in after January, 2016. In the case of personal number card grant, we will return exchange notice card at window.

 As we cannot possess both personal number card and resident registry cards when you have resident registry card, other than notice card, we will return resident registry card.

 In addition, fee is going to be necessary to be lost after having received grant of personal number card once, and to receive re-grant.

 On expiration date of personal number card, as for people 20 years or older, ten years, people under 20 are five years. When address changes by moving after the acquisition day of personal number card, bring without forgetting in the case of address change procedure.


Specific personal information protection evaluation

In social security, tax number system, duties to deal with personal information including more than 1,000 my numbers oblige to carrying out identification personal information protection evaluation about duties to be equal to constant requirements beforehand. We publish specific personal information protection evaluation book which we made after having submitted to specific personal information protection Committee.

Specific personal information protection Committee homepage

Specific personal information protection evaluation book which we publish

The desk work basics item evaluation book about Basic Resident Register (150KB)

The desk work basics item evaluation book about individual inhabitant tax (147KB)

The desk work basics item evaluation book about property tax (147KB)

The desk work basics item evaluation book about light vehicle tax (145KB)

The desk work basics item evaluation book about National Health Insurance tax (147KB)

Future schedule

●From October, 2015

 Town sends "notice card" in simple registered mail. ※We send to address of resident's card.

●From January, 2016

 ▽"Tax" starts operation only by procedure established in law and the town regulations in the field of "anti-disaster measures" "social security".

 ▽We start grant application of "personal number card".

To want to know in detail

About social security, tax number system, in to want to know in detail, country establishes homepage of social security, tax number system. As the latest information or common question are published, please see.

The government public information online (my number special feature)

Homepage of social security, tax number system of the Cabinet Secretariat

◆Call center 0570-20-0178 (my number)


About notice card, personal number card, it is Community Services Division Charge of Community Services 01558 (6) 2116

About overall system, it is person in charge of General Administration Division computation 01558 (6) 2111

My number system

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