Taiki-cho Agricultural Committee

Duties guidance

With Agricultural Committee

Agricultural Committee is administrative committee obliged to carry out setting based on "law about Agricultural Committee" in the municipalities.
We are selected from person recommended from area and applied for by fate of "law about Agricultural Committee",
We are comprised of agriculture committee member appointed with the approval of assembly by the mayor.

The committee member fixed number of Taiki-cho Agricultural Committee is set of 18 people by "the regulations about the fixed number of committee member of Taiki-cho Agricultural Committee",
The 23rd Taiki-cho Agricultural Committee consists of 17 group recommendation committee members, 18 people of one general application committee member.
In addition, it is required by "law about Agricultural Committee" that there is neutral viewpoint more than one person other than the scholar of agriculture,
One neutral viewpoint is registered now.

Taiki-cho agriculture committee member list (129KB)

We hold general meeting around for each 25 a month day.



Contact Agricultural Committee 
Address 33, Higashihondori, Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone 01558-6-2110 (direct)
FAX 01558-6-2145
Email taiki-cho_nogyo_iinkai @ town.taiki.hokkaido.jp

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