Public and private sectors push forward "town development of space" in Taiki-cho all in one body since we were considered to be proposed site of "aerospace and aircraft work base" now about 30 years ago (the 1980s).

 In "Taiki-cho multi-purpose Koku-koen" of Bisei district in the town block, various experiments are conducted by private enterprise or university including JAXA. In addition, we perform various approaches in conjunction with aerospace in the outside in the town block.


2020 space illustration contests

 We raise works of たいき space workshop and Japan Airlines space Boy Scouts たいき "2020 space illustration contest" hosted by branch office this year from July 1, 2002.
 As luxurious prize is given for 9 works of winning a prize, you are stirred up, and please apply.

 ・2020 space illustration contest _ flyers (784KB)

 ※Work offer of this year was finished. Thank you very much for a large number of application.

Taiki-cho space interchange center SORA 

 About Taiki-cho space interchange center SORA that we closed for new coronavirus infectious disease measures, we will open to the public from Saturday, September 5.

 As for the opening date and time, it is as follows.

 ・Only on Saturday, Sundays and holidays from opening period Saturday, September 5 to Sunday, November 1
 ・From opening time 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
 (during the open period mentioned above, guide commenting on showpiece of SORA will be resident.
By specialized knowledge, we will explain clearly in detail.)

* Request to all of the visits

 For prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, please visit after checking the following matter.
 I would like your understanding and cooperation.

"We ask at the time of visit"

☆Fever, a cough, person in poor physical condition, please refrain from visit, admission.
☆Please wear principle mask.
☆I would like cooperation for thermometry with non-contact type thermometer.
 ・・Admission of person with 37.5 degrees Celsius or more ・ temperature is not accepted.
☆In nyutaikanji, I would like cooperation for sterilization of finger.
☆In the case of admission, please fill out "person of admission list".
☆Because the facility avoids becoming dense, it should be up to 20 people by the number of people that can enter at a time.
 ・・More than 20 cases set a limit to entrance, and ・ visitor should be admission by replacement sequentially.

[personal information that had you fill out shall use for inquiry from public health centers to pinpoint infection course when new coronavirus infected person occurs and may not use for other purposes. In addition, we will dispose for a certain period of time after the progress.] 

 About summary of facility, please see this page.


It is recruiting members for Young Astronauts Club of Japan (YAC) たいき in 2020!

 39 people from first grader to ninth grader in total are registering member with "Young Astronauts Club of Japan (Young Astronauts Club = YAC) たいき branch office" now.
We challenge various activities about space including the training trip (2 days and 1 night) to learn at exchange meeting of member, the Hall of Science and event in way.
 For details, it is as follows. Person hoping for joining an organization, please ask the YAC たいき branch office secretariat (office plan business and industry section).

  • It is targeted for offer: We are in the third year of junior high school from first grader
  • Joining an organization charges, annual fee: Free (when we participate in ※ activity, we may collect necessary expense.)

[application, reference] 
The Young Astronauts Club of Japan たいき branch office secretariat
(Taiki-cho office plan business and industry section aerospace promotion room)
Telephone: 01558-6-2113 FAX: 01558-6-2495

About subscription for town, people, work construction donations (hometown donation for company) [new business from 2020]

Area rebirth plan "from たいき! We started offer of hometown donation than April 20, 2020 for company to promote various business about aerospace based on local construction promotion plan by aerospace-related industrial accumulation. Business to raise is two business of "Koku-koen function expansion business" and "aerospace-related business promotion business" and by carrying out these business, promote town development of space. Offer contents, application method look at this page in detail.

About Taiki-cho aerospace and aircraft work accumulation promotion business subsidy [new business from 2020]

 When company to put office in Taiki-cho carries out business in conjunction with aerospace and aircraft work, for business that town authorized business plan, we issue subsidy as limit for the amount of contribution by company version hometown donation. Content to affect subsidy look at this page in detail.

Town development promotion business of space

We devised "Taiki-cho town, people, work construction broad strategic view" in March, 2016 and it extended over 3 ka age from 2016 to 2018 and carried out "town development promotion business utilizing district construction promotion grant of space".
Conduct result about town development promotion business of << this >> space

Taiki-cho multi-purpose Koku-koen

Experiment in Taiki-cho multi-purpose Koku-koen

Approach of aerospace

Reports such as activities about aerospace

Taiki Aerospece News

It is newspaper introducing experiment or approach in Taiki-cho to.
As column from aerospace-related researcher becomes the space which we published, please see by all means.

<New> We issued Taiki AeroSpace News (No. 23) (726KB)! (March, 2019 issuance)

Taiki-cho weather information (Bisei observatory)

※Please refer for person needing data from 1992 through 2012 to aerospace promotion room.


Contact Taiki-cho office plan business and industry section aerospace promotion room
Address 33, Higashihondori, Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone 01558-6-2113 (direct)
FAX 01558-6-2495
Email uchu @

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When copying and pasting the e-mail address, please do not forget to change "@" to a half-size character.

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