Ambassador 2020 Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters "Taiki-cho support"

It is special page about Taiki-cho support ambassador.
Including activity of support ambassador tell at any time!

Offer of Hokkaido 179 hero Prize

We won with six to four by game with July 15 vs. Chiba Lotte Marines and provided dairy products set which was special product of town to Sho Nakata of hero player.

 We install banner of three Taiki-cho support ambassadors!

We advocated banner in Roadside Station coSmall たいき.
Taiki-cho support ambassador three players play an active part, and let's support in everybodies in hope of winning the championship!

Let's support "ji, mo, to" in Taiki-cho orijinarujimototo!

"jimototo" (local tote bag) which printed motif of "Hokkaido 179 support ambassador" of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters and each municipality to send charm of town with support ambassador is collaboration!
Including Taiki-cho, crowd funding recruits supporters to commercialize 18 "jimototo" elected "Hokkaido 179 support ambassador" this year.
When we are accomplished to the target, "jimototo" of Taiki-cho is commercialized!
For more details, please see this (1,832KB). (in the official site this)


Watching Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters invitation ticket present!

※The following invitation watching games day was called off for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease.
※Receptionist closed on February 12, 2020.

We will have you invite 100 to game with Rakuten held in Sapporo Dome on Thursday on 26th only in living in Taiki-cho in every day as part of "Hokkaido 179 support ambassador" plan in Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters on Wednesday on Tuesday, March 24, 25th.
We refer to the following flyer, and we fill in the requirements on application by Wednesday, February 12, 2020, and person wanting watching games ticket, please do application (bringing, mail, FAX) to office plan business and industry section.

R1. 12. 17 Tuesday
Donation of uniform and life-sized panel

Uniform and life-sized panel which signature of Taiki-cho support ambassador entered at baseball team for the town elected "179 support ambassador 2020" of Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters were donated.
We display uniform and life-sized panel in the second floor of the office lobby.


R1.11.24 Sunday
Taiki-cho support ambassador is decided in 2020 by Nic Martinez, Toru Murata, Naoya Ishikawa!

<< fighters fan Festival 2019 support ambassador selection >> held on Sunday, November 24 determined support ambassador of Taiki-cho!
Please move into action as support ambassador of Taiki-cho to three players for one year!
I would appreciate your kind support for Martinez, Murata, Ishikawa!
We introduce three players who are taken care of for one year! (from baseball team HP)

 Martinez profile

  Registration name: Nic Martinez
  Position: Pitcher
  The date of birth: August 5, 1990
  Age: 29 years old
  Height: 185cm
  The weight: 90 kg
  Hometown: The United States of America
  Career: Fordham University - Rangers - Hokkaido Nippon Ham (18 ...)
  Appearance music: Heaven (Los Lonely Boys)

 Murata profile 

  Registration name: Toru Murata (muratatooru)
  Position: Pitcher
  The date of birth: May 20, 1985
  Age: 34 years old
  Height: 183cm
  The weight: 80 kg
  Hometown: Osaka
  Career: Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences wave commercial high school - Osaka Univ. of Health and Sport Sciences - Yomiuri (university, member of society draft first round, 08-10) - Indians (11-16) - Hokkaido Nippon Ham (17 ...)
  Appearance music: Ecstasy (Yoshimoto New Comedy all-stars)

 Ishikawa profile

  Registration name: Naoya Ishikawa (ishikawanaoya)
  Position: Pitcher
  The date of birth: July 11, 1996
  Age: 23 years old
  Height: 191cm
  The weight: 82 kg
  Hometown: Yamagata
  Career: Yamagata center high - Hokkaido Nippon Ham (draft fourth place, 15 ...)
  Appearance music: Of opening shoot (GLAY)

Until support ambassador is selected

Only primary schoolchild member Kawahara in たいき supporters association recommended by town and たいき supporters association participates in selection!

As event in << fighters fan Festival 2019 >> held on Sunday, November 24, support ambassador selection was performed in 2020.
All-star representative of each municipality fired written ball of the alphabet (A - R) by tee batting this time, and players picked up the ball, and Ambassador support was performed by method to decide.
As the alphabet is just written on ball, it is to Ambassador support of what municipalities until we approach all-star representative of each municipality and talk, or, as for the player of fighters, it is not revealed.
kawahararyonari which it is baseball boy belonging to the たいき baseball Boy Scouts that we represent Taiki-cho, and performed tee batting, and is member of primary schoolchild of the たいき supporters association one and only.
We received recommendation from town and たいき supporters association and became representative of Taiki-cho this time.
It is what and Murata that we have "R" which we keep on swinging bat powerfully and transfer ball, and Kawahara hit and ball written, and approached!
Murata called out to Kawahara from beginning to end and eased strain of Kawahara.



With support ambassador?

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters supports 179 Hokkaido with every effort!
Fighters nine becomes support ambassador of town!
Magnificent project to appoint plural players support ambassador each every year in 18 municipality, and to carry out for ten years.
Elected players are active in Hokkaido 179 support ambassador draft as support ambassador for one year!

Company banner

Taiki-cho publishes this banner in the responsibility of the master of banner. About banner and the linked contents, Taiki-cho does not do recommendation.












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