About town development round-table conferences

In Taiki-cho, we establish the next public hearing system to hear voice of inhabitants to push forward town development of collaboration with administration with inhabitants. We let town administration reflect suggestion for town development of everybody or opinion and, for "better town development", want to push forward step hand in hand together.

"The mayor and meeting, administrative section round-table conference to talk" about

You receive hope from administrative section, group, and please use as we go, and the mayor talks.


・We receive application from group (administrative sections) which wish to talk and talk over various fields about town development


・Various groups which move into action in administrative section and Honcho

<conduct methods> 

・Groups which wish to hold submit predetermined application up to 30 days before
・Groups arrange venue
・Town coordinates the date and time when groups hope in schedule and is decided
・Holding time is almost less than two hours in 9:00 p.m. from 9:00 a.m.

※We receive application from groups and decide the conduct right or wrong and notify


Please download from this (41KB).


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