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(important) News from town
 "Administration by management supplier particularly designated about Bansei Onsen for free accommodation of townsman in 2005
    We abolish after the shift in this. I'm very sorry, but please understand."

 ◎When you have the next agency, please connect with plan business and industry section Charge of Planning (TEL: 01558-6-2113) beforehand about the date and time.

 ◎We assume correspondence only for principle, weekdays.


Contact Taiki-cho office plan business and industry section Charge of Planning
Address 33, Higashihondori, Taiki-cho, Hiroo-gun, Hokkaido
Telephone 01558-6-2113 (direct)
FAX 01558-6-2495
Email kikaku-kakari @ town.taiki.hokkaido.jp

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