Symbol of Taiki

Flower "cosmos" of Taiki-cho

Cosmos  Cosmos which makes pretty flower including white, rouge, pink bloom till late in autumn from early summer,
  Can let anyone bloom anywhere, and is brought up widely by townsman, and is loved; and just
  In addition, it is invited aerospace and aircraft work base because there is meaning called "space" in English
  We think that we bring progress in Taiki-cho aiming at this.
  We distribute in free of charge of kind and perform exercise to fill the town of たいき with cosmos every year.

Tree "oak" of Taiki-cho

Oak Oak which weathered the strict hardship and was depended on ancient people with reclamation, and has been got close to,
 As fuel, it becomes today's foundation as building materials and is still Hakurin Park
   We make shade of a tree and give people ease.
   It takes root well on the earth and we widen the branches and leaves towards sky in a manly way and seem to be made
 This is *susumi Taiki-cho itself to do.
   In "Hakurin Park" got close to by townsman from present, 100 years years old with 200 years
   Trees of said precious oak grow.

 Bird "skylark" of Taiki-cho

Bird "skylark" of town   When long winter is over, and skylark sings in sky, and become when fly, people
 We feel spring and start activity to new season including preparations for farming.
 Yaku of Taiki-cho where song, state to fly go well brightly high in the sky very much in the future
 We express susumi.




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