History of Taiki

The name of an era The Christian era MON Event
1635 1635   saikin begins near Aibo sima and becomes the Tokachi birthplace
1800 1800   We survey Tadataka Ino, the Rekifune River river mouth, Aibo sima, Bansei, Seika
1858 1858   We explore Takeshiro Matsuura, along the Rekifune River
1869 1869  August Bureau of Development is placed and changes the Ezo to Hokkaido, and 7 county 51 ka villages are placed in Tokachi country, and, in Honcho, it is in area of our relationship county
1874 1874  July We investigate Bureau of Development geological feature mining expert Lyman, the Tokachi coast, the Rekifune River
1875 1875   Bureau of Development, gold dust mine lot investigation town office are established, and Yoshio Matsui that Hiroo, town office of our relationship 3 county were placed in Moyori-mura (present Hiroo-cho) becomes the first town official
1876 1876  September Gold dust collection begins in Aibo sima
1878 1878   We put eki* in ship village in career
1880 1880  August Large bad crop by migratory locust outbreak
1886 1886  June We establish our Bansei company relationship ranch with Benzo Yoda, younger brother sentence Saburo in Seika Bansei district and begin cattle breeding
1894 1894  April It is nyuji according to person from Toyama Mamoru Kita small Court Security Office fine patterns
      We settle in Hyogo group, raikaiuhei and others Enda cod
1896 1896   The Hiroo Highway (Obihiro - Hiroo) start of construction
1897 1897 November We abolish county government office of all of the road and put branch
      We put ship, our edge, 3 ka village town offices of たいき in たいき village in our relationship county career
1898 1898   Hiroo Highway opening
      たいき city ward setting
1901 1901  February たいき post office opening of an office
1906 1906  April Hokkaido second grade municipality organization is enforced and abolishes 2 ka village town office out of the ship in career and puts ship, Moyori-mura office in current Hiroocho newly in our relationship, たいき, career
1919 1919   Autobus founding between Hiroo, Obihiro
      Dairy cows breeding begins
1923 1923  July It is built incubation ground in Hiroo fisheries union, career by ship
1925 1925   De-centralized village motion increases
1926 1926  June We rename Moyori-mura to Hiroo village
1928 1928 October It becomes separation and independence, たいき village from Hiroo village
      Progress Kojiro takes office as the first village mayor
1930 1930  January Light turns on in たいき city
    October Railroad opening between Obihiro, たいき
1936 1937  September The Emperor royal visit
      We inspect Tokachi developing land training ground and Takuhoku village
1945 1945  July Two dead people damaged by air raid in Ishizaka, Asahihama, たいき city
1947 1947  April By the promulgation of revised Local Government Act, it becomes chief, the chairperson public office, and Arata Takahashi city election takes office as village mayor
1948 1948  April Agricultural cooperative establishment
1949 1949  July Fishermen's cooperative association establishment
     August It is de-centralized village in Chuuruimura from たいき village
1950 1950  March The village Taiki High School authorization (high school transfer prefectural in 1953)
1951 1951  April The たいき town organization enforcement
      Arata Takahashi city takes office as the first mayor
1952 1952  January Forestry owners' association establishment
     June Administrative section setting
1953 1953  September Town National Health Insurance hospital establishment
1955 1955  April Shigeichi Shimada takes office as the mayor
      It is merged with former Otsu-mura Western Province (Seika, Bansei) Taiki-cho
1957 1957 December Snow Brand Mild Products たいき factory cheese start of production
1960 1960 December Commercial and industrial meeting establishment
1964 1964  June We declare the town of road safety declaration
    October We establish the townsman charter
1966 1966 December Small water-supply system completion
1967 1967  January The town of election declaration right brightly
     April Susumu Takahashi takes office as the mayor
     June Special elderly nursing home establishment
1970 1970  June Town National Health Insurance hospital new opening
    October Welfare center completion
1971 1971  April Takeo Noguchi takes office as the mayor
    October Declaration of establishment of town with no fire disaster
    December Youth Center completion
1972 1972  September Mini-valley birth
1973 1973  August Office government building new completion
1975 1975  June Library opening
    October Cable broadcasting is opened to the whole town each house
1976 1976 October Large-scale grassland upbringing ranch completion
      Hakurin Park completion
1978 1978 October Hirakicho 50 years ceremony conduct
      The たいき fishing port opening of a port type
      たいき district farming water completion
1979 1979  August Taiki Junior High School new school building completion
1980 1980  July Bansei Onsen, Bansei culture Cultural Center is open
1981 1981 October The B & G ocean center gymnasium completion
    November Town dental clinic opening
1982 1982  April Welfare center for the old completion
     July Marine center pool completion
1983 1983  January Schoolchild Agricultural Research Center opening
     March We fix Soma-shi, Fukushima and "sister city"
    October Taiki High School new school building completion
1984 1984 December Budokan completion
1987 1987  February The Hiroo Line abolition
      Substitute bus service start
     April Tsutomu Fukuhara takes office as the mayor
    November We declare the town of crime prevention
1988 1988 December The Rekifune River is authorized by the Environmental Agency investigation in the Japan's most beautiful river
1989 1989  July Traffic Park opening
    December We choose flower (cosmos), tree (oak), bird (skylark) of town
1990 1990 December Local products research center completion
      Emergency broadcast system facility completion
1991 1991 October Kamui Ainu village Park completion
1992 1992  March Nuclear weapon extinction peace declaration
    December Nakajima Elementary School new school building completion
1993 1993  March The town of domestic self-support promotion declaration of agricultural and livestock products and fishery thing
    October Oda Junior High School new school building completion
    November The Rekifune River park golf course completion
1995 1995 October Multipurpose Koku-koen opening
      Special elderly nursing home removing and rebuilding completion day service, at-home support center completion
1996 1996 October The sewer final sewage disposal plant completion
      The public sewer in-service start
1997 1997  March Seika nursery school blind alley
    December Oldness and Ohashi completion
      Career ship elementary school new school building completion
1998 1998  March We close a school in ship Junior High School in career (the 46 years opening of a school)
     April The Asahihama fishing port opening of a port type
     August Lifelong Learning Center opening
    October National cosmos summit holding
    November We pave multipurpose Koku-koen runway
1999 1999  April Etsuo Fushimi takes office as the mayor
     June Elderly person health welfare promotion center "raifu" opening
2000 2000  August New firefighting government building completion
     September Sumiyoshi water purification plant in-service start
2001 2001  September Hokkaido, Taiki-cho, incorporated administrative agency National Aerospace Laboratories, Japan, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology by communication, broadcast mechanism, agreement signing about Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications millennium project "stratosphere platform fixed point stay in air test" conduct
2002 2002  February School Lunch Center completion of all electrification methods
     March Shopping center "coSmall", economic center is open
     August We appoint at "coSmall たいき" Roadside Station
2003 2003  March We exceed 80,000 tons of たいき agricultural cooperative fresh milk production
     September Office government building observation deck collapses by Tokachi Earthquake (M8.0)
    December Any two south Tokachi merger meeting establishment
2004 2004  March Hamataiki nursery school blind alley (30 years open)
     From May to November Conduct of the stratosphere platform fixed point endurance flight examination
2005 2005  March We close a school in ship elementary school in career (the 103 years opening of a school)
2006 2006  January Any two south Tokachi merger meeting dissolution
     February The Taiki-cho's first Olympian birth, Kita Sugimori of speed skating, Torino Olympics participation
     March Seika elementary and junior high school closing a school (the 106 years opening of a school)
     September tenkokokisakiryo*shitakokokei (Lifelong Learning Center)
2007 2007  March Clean water preprocessing facility completion high in Sakashita water purification plant
      We offer open from the end of March and start
     May May 28, achievement of traffic fatal accident zero days new record (we update after an interval of 32 years for 1,083 days)
     August It is body consecutive national convention participation among Taiki Junior High School baseball club
    October "Day of Taiki-cho education" declaration
2008 2008  May May 26 Taiki-cho, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) cooperation cooperation signing
     July It is performed after an interval of 27 years from Agricultural Committee committee member unification election 1981 on July 6
      We are accomplished for 1,500 days in the traffic fatal accident zero days on July 19
    October Hirakicho ceremony conduct of the 80th anniversary
      Ceremony of the 60th anniversary of たいき high school foundation
2009 2009  January Taiki Elementary School reconstruction completion in-service start
     March Ishizaka Elementary School closing a school (the 77 years opening of a school)
     April We stop in 1,756 days in decease traffic accident occurrence, the traffic fatal accident zero days
2010 2010  February We participate in the Kita Sugimori Vancouver Olympics of speed skating
(the second Olympics participation)
     March Ishizaka nursery school blind alley (41 years open)
     April Member signing "taiki republic" is born to the Milky Way federation
     June We close Youth Center
     August For foot-and-mouth disease development expansion, we cancel clear stream Festival, townsman Bon festival dance meet
      In the Rekifune River upper reaches Nakanokawa, four university students are spread in flash flood, and three people die
    November By 2009 public waters measurement quality of the water setting of Ministry of the Environment the Rekifune River upper reaches
BOD or COD is chosen at low area of the sea
    December Five people are chosen including scorer from all over the たいき in Taiwan by Hokkaido all-star team of held Japan and Taiwan friendship friendship baseball
2011 2011  January Minami-Tokachi child support center move (welfare center for the old repair)
     March Nakajima Elementary School closing a school (the 112 years opening of a school)
    October We conclude Yoshioka-machi, Gunma and friendship town agreement 
2012 2012  January Taiki Junior High School gymnasium reconstruction completion
     September We receive i-Ball (eye ball) data in Taiki-cho. The return of observation equipment of re-entry into the earth's atmosphere data is the first in the world 
2013 2013  March Oda Elementary School closing a school (the 99 years opening of a school)
      Oda Junior High School closing a school (the 66 years opening of a school)
2014 2014  May "Taiki-cho space interchange center SORA" is open in multipurpose Koku-koen of Bisei district
    October Reconstruction completion of たいき municipality National Health Insurance hospital, medical treatment start
2015 2015  February We win silver medal at gold medal, 3,000m at participation 1,500m for Daichi Horikawa, national junior high school skating meet in Nagano
     March Asahi nursery school blind alley (39 years open)
churuidaiju IC opening
     May Masato Sakamori takes office as the mayor
     September We conclude friendship interchange agreement with daiwankoyushidaiju*
 2016  2016  January  Silver medal, Horikawa Sakura are seventh place winning a prize by women's 1000 meters at gold medal, 3,000m at 1,500m that participates in Tsubasa Horikawa, national national junior high school skating meet in Nagano, and has the same as older brother Daichi of the previous year.
     February We win silver medal by use Olympics speed skating men's 1500 meters in Daichi Horikawa, the winter season in Lillehammer of Norway
     July A total of about 13,000 number of the new here gourmet Grand Prix holding visitors 
     August Road of the neighborhood of nubinai bridge collapses, and one office worker of Otofuke-cho falls to nubinai river, and it is died by typhoon No.10 landing flooding 
It cuts off water supply in the whole town (from August 31 to September 7)
2017 2017  July Inter-Stella technology company sounding rocket "MOMO" launching
We fall to estimated an altitude of 20km after the arrival on the sea (July 30)
It is arrived about 700 setting by public viewing in multipurpose Koku-koen
In 14 typhoon No.18 landing town roads romensenhori, shoulder rip the shore damage forestry damage (September 18) by water outage five dent corn tojohigairyumoku by water pipe outflow
Experiment in automatic driving service proof experiment snow-covered road by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism first in Japan (from 11 to 15 on December)
2018    February
We win gold medal by new meet record at silver medal, 3,000m at participation 1,500m for Tsubasa Horikawa, national national junior high school skating meet in Nagano (February 3)
     April The Taiki-cho space interchange center SORA reopening assembly room enlargement, renovation (April 28) of exhibition room
Public viewing setting in about 3,800 space festival 2018 holding visitors (from 28 to 29 on April) multipurpose Koku-koen
It is planned display of inter-Stella technology company sounding rocket "MOMO2 machine", but announces postponement
About 2,500 appearances arrive to clear stream carp streamer mini-event mounting a horse warrior in commemoration of 90, Hirakicho anniversary from sister city Soma-shi (May 5)
     June About 700 space festival 2018 holding (the second) visitors (June 30) 
Public viewing setting in multipurpose Koku-koen
Inter-Stella technology company sounding rocket "MOMO2 airplane" crashes after the rise to about 20m, and there are no explosion, damage to the outskirts
     September All of the road-like blackout (blackout) produces Hokkaido Iburi eastern part earthquake occurrence Taiki-cho seismic intensity of 4 with observation earthquake in 2018
It is blackout of about two days in the whole area in the town block
Damage (September 6) such as the fresh milk disposal by blackout, products, the ingredients disposal, cancellation of reservation
    October 90, Hirakicho anniversary
The 70th anniversary of the foundation of たいき high school


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