About Taiki

 Tokachi Plains where Taiki-cho is located the eastern part of Hokkaido, the south of Tokachi, and central part is very large close to Mts. Hidaka in the Pacific, the west in the east is expanse, agriculture
 We developed into the center as key industry in fishery, forestry in this.
 Clear stream "the Rekifune River" best than Mts. Hidaka in Japan flows through town, and Genseikaen spreads out in the shore and is blessed with beautiful nature.
 Taiki-cho developed into resources by constant challenge by "the pioneering spirit" of ancient people in this comfortable nature. People and dream
 "Village ~ the "Cosmos" town of Taiki of clear stream which colors ~ living and tomorrow" to push forward community improvement that both the breeding, person and dream more greatly more greatly bring up
 This of town development feature the theme.

Taiki-cho introduction video

Concept of this video is "trip to feel magnificent nature and blessing of the earth to Taiki-cho".
In magnificent Taiki-cho that it is impressed naturally, and has both most, mountain and seas, we can enjoy change of scenery when we show around town outside.

Origin of name of a street

 We arrived from "taikiushi" which meant "place where big tree grew in colonies" by Ainu.

Emblem of town

 Emblem of Taiki Village was established on February 23, 1950 and, with the town organization enforcement of April 1, 1951, the following day, became たいき emblem of town.
 With wish that to graphically design character of the "Tai" of Taiki in circle, and townsman talks about Double cirlce each other and pushes forward peaceful town planning
 We are. Ideal that letter of "ki" of Taiki which we arranged for within the circle grows like たいき, and town develops is made symbol.
Emblem of town

Position, area




North latitude

42°22' (the pole south) ⇔ 42°40' (the extreme north)

East longitude

142°49' (the pole west) ⇔ 143°31' (the Far East)


East-West distance


Distance of the north and south







We have large area to the 62nd in the 17th, the whole country in third, Hokkaido in Tokachi.

Taiki-cho judging from statistics number

National census result was announced in 2015

It is result of 2015 national census that enforced October 1, 2015 as investigation date. Thank you for your cooperation to this investigation.





The total number 



2015 national census 





2010 national census 





The number of the increase and decrease




+ 1

As for the 2015 national census population, it is basic count result

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau homepage

The townsman charter


 Line of ranges of magnificent Hidaka continue, and we are townsmans of たいき that clear stream of Hikata quenches Hirono.
 We strongly inherit stout the pioneering spirit and fix this charter for responsibility for pride.


 We work well and cooperate, and let's achieve work magnificently.
 Let's make consideration, talks, delightful family each other.
 Let's do rule in defense cooperation, bright town.
 We love nature and raise culture, and let's notice in rich native district.

(October 1, 1964 establishment)

Song of town

  Taiki-cho song 
[words: Masaru Yahagi, composition: Tetsuo Suzuki]

1.Is light of peace peak spring of glittering Hidaka?
  Nascent hope to advance burns, and command gite is beautiful
  Our town my たいき which I smell

2.See whether flow of Hikata is clean, and sell fertile fields of paste; dry
  If iku belongs to free culture, people join and waver and cry
  Our town of power my たいき

3.Forge, and grow, and come for fault wave of the Pacific, and come; courageous shout
  We bring up garden of sound kasetsu ideal and go to North Japan
  Our town my たいき which it prospers, and there is

 (revised April 1, 1951)

※You can hear Taiki-cho song from "this". 


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