River - of treasure that town - gold dust which dreams of bonanza, and was boiled for gold rush sleeps

The Rekifune River The Rekifune River is also called "Hikata river" meaning "southwestern wind". We collect branches such as ponyaoromappu river, nubinai river, river of the inside and drift to たいき city and pour into the Pacific with memu river. Benzo Yoda stated, "flooding comes out in river if Hikata wind blew", and intense flow sharpened the bottom of a river and carried gold dust with the earth and sand in those days from upper. This is affinity called "river of treasure".Gold dust moat ri
 Collection in the Rekifune River kana lever that shake, and use board; drain, and kutsu riga is mainstream. Floated on water; when shake, and shake board back and forth, and remove gravel (is done, and come), gold dust gives off light under cover of black iron sand shiningly.
 The gold rush times of Taiki-cho are around 1900. Master of gold dust moat ri of 200 flocked to the town of Oda and showed bustle in people who dreamed of bonanza. The golden age of gold dust collection that to dig at peak hour, and the number of teachers surpassed 1,000 people. One lump adopted both 20 monme and a certain thing from 15 monme (momme) and was full of prosperity.
 Golden dream to lie at the bottom of a river is still handed down by people, and "golden story" continues being valid.

Bansei company

Benzo Yoda It is 1886 that Bansei company led by Benzo Yoda opened ranch in our edge. We opened up virgin forest and took down hoe on land where it seemed that it was sterile and tried dry field farming and dairy farming.Benzo Yoda house which was restored to the original state
 We get over cold in poor hut and confront violence of nature. It is reclamation mind and ideal of dauntlessness and friends that support oneself. It may be said that it challenged the settlement that ichi is quick in and various business that bensan is called "father of Tokachi reclamation". Bansei company makes silo of semiunderground expression and develops dairy farming management that received the times including trial manufacture of production and cheese of butter in advance. We built the basics of today's たいき agriculture.
  By many pioneers including Bansei company, たいき was reborn as the earth of dream to bring rich crop.


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