Greetings from town mayor of Taiki Masato Sakamori

Town mayor of Taiki Masato Sakamori


It is Masato Sakamori who took office as town mayor of Taiki in May, 2019.


Many people are healthy, and I think that town planning felt happiness is necessary alone.

Population continues decreasing, and low birthrate and aging follows rapid no course, too. I want to develop measure that can provide true townsman service that local needs had while I reach such hard times.

Commencing with promotion of local industry, problems including fixation of security of the welfare and medical care, care, improvement of education and the employment pile up, but want to work about problem of one one hard while sweating with townsman now.

As "attractive" will make every possible effort for realization of town, realization of town planning that, also, all people assist for future たいき together with "the richness", we would appreciate your understanding and cooperation of townsman.

Profile of the mayor

●Full name      Masato Sakamori (with Hill Morimasa)

●Birth      1959 Taiki-cho birth

●The last educational background たいき graduation from high school

●Career       Job in 1979 with Taiki-cho office

                   We take office as town mayor of Taiki in 2015 (the present second)

●Hobby: Sports, movie


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