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Taiki-cho and city with interchange

 To page of sister city Soma-shi  To page of friendship town Yoshioka-machi  To page of friendship interchange agreement Taiwan Takao City University tree ward


The town

■Educational institution and organization associated with that

Site of Taiki High School ... たいき high school. Other than annual event, the course situation, information such as club activities is substantial.

Site of Taiki Junior High School ... Taiki Junior High School. Information such as annual event, club activities, student council activity is substantial.

Site of Taiki Elementary School ... Taiki Elementary School. Information such as learning activity, school introduction, the campus training, food education is substantial.

Information such as guide of Taiki-cho Educational Research Institute ... home learning, drill for small, junior high student, social studies side reader is substantial.

■Medical institutions in Taiki-cho

Mainly on social welfare corporation light Kotobuki meeting ... care station Hikari and care station andante, it is each facility info, line of this month
                                          We publish things.
Page of forest clinic ... i*hojinshadanjihiromekaimori clinic. The consultation hours and various news, notice of clinic.

Site of Kamioka dentistry ... Kamioka dentistry. The consultation hours and calendar, introduction of therapeutic method, doctor's office long introduction, portable site.

Engine concerned

Beat with life guide for foreigner living in activity contents, Tokachi of association of Tokachi international ... association; international exchange volante
                                                    About ia.
General Hokkaido medium and small-sized business synthesis that we support of medium and small-sized business in Hokkaido medium and small-sized business synthesis support center ... Hokkaido
                                                                 It is site of support center.
It is site sending information of charm and emigration, interchange of rural living that Japan emigration, interchange navigator ... emigration, interchange promotion mechanism runs.
Page of oldness and child dream school ... south Tokachi long-term accommodation experience interchange meeting. mo of "child Noyama fishing village interchange project" business
                                          Taiki-cho was chosen in Dell area. Activity contents, introduction of model plan.

Government offices connection

News from association of association of staff of Hokkaido municipalities welfare ... welfare, introduction of various business, downloading of various applications.

It is taken posture of the latest news, problems and the government about Japanese abduction issue by Japanese abduction issue ... North Korea by North Korea
                                                    We introduce composing types.
To think about cultivated area branch office ... elasticity-like agriculture base maintenance in eastern Tokachi Subprefectural Office, and to promote agriculture farm village maintenance that took good care of rich nature
                                             Of this, we introduce examples of various maintenance.
Site of National Tax Agency ... National Tax Agency. Various statistics, materials and tax answers (tax consultation), tax nitsu including information of final income tax return
                          It is full of information that we are.
Other than Kushiro Maritime Safety Agency ... sea disaster occurrence information, information such as weather information, live camera, radar image delivery, it is paper of patrol warship
                                We can download craft.
Other than Obihiro Development and Construction Department ... business introduction, press release material, auction information, we publish information in road traffic.

We relate to tax including "tax telephone consultation" (tax answer) that calendar, computer of Sapporo Regional Taxation Bureau ... tax reply automatically
                          We comment on ru information clearly.
Introductions of summaries such as health, the welfare service carrying out at Tokachi synthesis Promotion Bureau health Environment Department health administration room ... Obihiro public health center.

Various guidance and employment information, related links of recruitment of Self-Defense Forces Obihiro district Cooperation Headquarters ... self-defense officials.

The Ground Self-Defense Force fifth brigade ... activity contents, event information, related link.

Win with dream continent; page of ... Tokachi area union of local governments. Information full loading of 20 Tokachi.

Aerospace connection

  Site of project made for the purpose of creating space industry in Hokkaido satellite project ... Hokkaido. Various study contents
                                                  As for the recruitment of this and fan clubs.
  Site of National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) ... incorporated administrative agency National Institute of Information and Communications Technology. Do airship experiment in Koku-koen with JAXA
                                                           It is engine which there is.
  Site of HASTIC which is kitakaidouchukagakugijutsukizunari center HASTIC ... NPO corporation. Space development related facility and space Seki in Hokkaido
                                                                           We aim at networking of consecutive university laboratory.
  Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) ... October 1, 2003, National Aerospace Laboratories, Japan (NAL), Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS), space development business
                                                          dan (NASDA) was unified, and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was born.
  Page of association of association of plastic bottle craft ... Japan plastic bottle craft Internet branch office in Japan. Virtual workshop and auction

Sightseeing, traffic information

  Win in this; official site of Obihiro Airport ... Obihiro Airport. Timetable, access, weather of airport. Foreign language page other than English,
                                    It supports Chinese, Korean.
  It is site to put road information in northern road navigator ... Hokkaido together, and to show around. There are road map, distance or the time required, too.

  Map, introduction of "Roadside Station" registered in Hokkaido District "Roadside Station" liaison meeting ... Hokkaido, event information, introduction of various rallies
                                                        nado is varied. As for the mail delivery service.
  We publish guidance of Tokachi bus ... route bus, timetable of Obihiro Airport bus and periodical sightseeing bus. We take timetable out of carrying and FAX and are
                           As for seru service.
  If is sightseeing in sightseeing in Tokachi league ... Tokachi; to this. It is full of information of we see, eat, playing.
    Gourmet new here of Taiki-cho that made its debut on たいき cheese salmon bowl ... June 24, 2013; "たいき cheese salmon
                It is page to introduce bowl to.

Other municipalities

  It is sister city of Soma-shi, Fukushima ... Taiki-cho, page of Soma-shi, Fukushima.

  It is friendship town of Yoshioka-machi, Gunma ... Taiki-cho, page of Yoshioka-machi, Gunma.

  It is page of the town of Northern Hokkaido where there is gold dust moat ri experience as well as Hamatonbetsu-cho ... Taiki-cho.

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