Way of thinking of Taiki-cho about link of homepage

(we apply from June 1, 2002)

The first: About links from homepage of Taiki-cho to other sites


 We meet condition of the following links and shall be able to set links from homepage of Taiki-cho to other sites when it is admitted from Taiki-cho. We perform about link only about page for exclusive use of link.
 But, about information and specific local thing related to business, industry, we can link directly from page of corresponding Taiki-cho.

2.Precondition (reversion of responsibility)

 A. There is not under the management of Taiki-cho about manager of linked site and contents and belongs to groups managing the linked site concerned, and Taiki-cho shall not take any responsibility.
 i. About copyright, intellectual property, responsibility about linked site, we shall belong to operator (or manager) of each site, and Taiki-cho does not take any responsibility about contents.
 Cormorant. About trouble that we produced in the linked business with site, it shall be settled between the people concerned.

3.It is targeted for link

 A. Government offices, educational institution and organization associated with that
 i. Medical institutions in Taiki-cho
 Cormorant. News media
 Oh. In addition, site that admitted that Taiki-cho was particularly necessary

4.Condition of link

 A. Contents content do not be against public order and morals.
 i. You slander others, and do not be contents to slander.
 Cormorant. Do not violate copyright, other rights.
 Oh. Do not relate to religious activity.
 o. Do not relate to political activity.
 Mosquito. For user, do not cause misunderstanding, nuisance.
 ki. Indication based on "Specified Commercial Transactions Law" being specified as for specification, payment method of contact information (company name or personal name, address, phone number), specification, the bargaining point of the postage as information necessary for user about site performing sale.
 ku. Indication method, sales system do not conflict with various laws and ordinances.
 ke. There is not exaggerated or false fear, and responsibility can carry person of publication on its back about contents.
 ko. We may not publish other things which we judged to be inappropriate.

5.Cancellation of link

 When content against 4 standards mentioned above is accepted on publication page, we cancel link.
 By circumstances (revisions of editing, constitution change, link standard of our town homepage) of our town, we may cancel link without notice one-sidedly.

The second: About links from other sites to homepage of Taiki-cho


 It is said that it is free to do principle with the proviso that rink to Taiki-cho homepage is site that does not correspond to 4 items. In addition, link intends for top page of Taiki-cho homepage, and link to specific contents does not accept in principle.


 A. Taiki-cho shall not take any responsibility about contents of origin of link and group.
 i. It shall be settled between the people concerned about trouble that we produced in the business with origin of link, and Taiki-cho does not participate at all.
 Cormorant. Contents of site of origin of link belong to manager of the site and shall have nothing to do with Taiki-cho entirely.

3.About refusal of link

 When there is setting of link from site corresponding to the following items or when there is hope, we inform of not being able to make link into for managers of link cause site.
 A. It is against public order and morals.
 i. We include pink content (sex violent description).
 Cormorant. We include thing tied to criminal act or illegal contents.
 Oh. We include contents violating property, privacy of third party or slander slander.
 o. It is similar to preelection campaigning, election campaign of election or this. We include contents in conflict with the Public Officers Election Act.
 Mosquito. We include contents causing unauthorized access and system stop.
 ki. Homepage of Taiki-cho linked to is displayed like site of origin of link by frames and might invite misunderstanding such as contents of the link cause.
 ku. It was judged that other links were inappropriate.

When banner is necessary, please use
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The third: Expense burden

 About expense to incur with setting, change, cancellation of link, we do with burden on group each managing the homepage concerned.

The fourth: Disclaimers

 A. About any disadvantage caused by what was not linked to, homepage linked to again, Taiki-cho does not take any responsibility.
   In addition, about copyright, responsibility about link site, we shall belong to operator of each site, and Taiki-cho does not take responsibility about contents at all.
 i. We do not perform contact about the right or wrong decision, cancellation, change of link in principle.
 Cormorant. Taiki-cho does not take responsibility for all about any disadvantage that occurred by what was not linked to, thing linked to, link having been removed and link having been changed.

The fifth: Exception of search engine

 About search engine (utility program for exclusive use of information retrieval on the Internet), we exclude application of this standard.

Company banner

Taiki-cho publishes this banner in the responsibility of the master of banner. About banner and the linked contents, Taiki-cho does not do recommendation.












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