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2020.7.15 extra-large corbicula fishing

On Wednesday, July 15, Corbicula japonica fishing only for once a year was carried out in oikamanaito.
Fisherman dug husk long 6cm or more extra-large corbiculae by hand.

2020.7.7 Taiki Elementary School fourth grader drag seining experience

As part of "たいき study" to learn targeting at Taiki Elementary School fourth graders about hometown on Tuesday, July 7, drag seining experience was carried out.
Child pulled up rope which led to clutches hard and miller's thumb and righteye flounder, many fish including shark were produced in net and were delighted.

2020.7.7 whelk spiral shellfish fishing start

Whelk spiral shellfish fishing started on Tuesday, July 7 and was helped Hamataiki fishing port draw water in sequence.
You often appear at bars, but please appreciate as you can purchase even local super.

Mowing along the Rekifune River by meeting protecting clear stream of 2020.7.5 the Rekifune River

Mowing along the Rekifune River by meeting which protected clear stream of the Rekifune River on Sunday, July 5 was carried out.
This approach was carried out every year to protect natural environments and clear stream of the Rekifune River and invited the twelfth year in this year. 
When we went along the Rekifune River, let's thank person cutting grass!

Banner setting of 2020.6.15 Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters 2020 Taiki-cho support ambassador

We installed banner of three Taiki-cho support ambassadors in Roadside Station "coSmall" in 2020.
Three people of support ambassador play an active part and hope that Nippon-Ham Fighters wins the championship.


We work on 2020.6.7 たいき Japanese beef, hokki sale, dairy products consumption expansion

Special product sale was held on Sunday, June 7 and sold Japanese beef, hokki and distributed milk, dairy products free.
It was arrived, and many people left interval, and they formed a line.

 The 2020.5.10 spring stationary fishing operation start

Stationary fishing began on Sunday, May 10 in spring, and excellent Toki Shiraz and seasonal fish including Oncorhynchus masou were landed.
As you can purchase fresh, fresh fish in supermarket in the town block, please appreciate.


2020.4.24 the Rekifune River clear stream carp streamer setting

From Friday, April 24 to Wednesday, May 6, 236 carp streamers swam over the best clear stream "the Rekifune River" in Japan lively.
For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, we canceled mini-event in setting and Children's Day of mini-carp streamer.


2020.4.14 road safety classroom

Road safety lesson was carried out in Taiki Elementary School on Tuesday, April 14 and learned way of safe walk and how to ride bicycles.
As for the first grader, as for second grader or more, crossing is safe by bicycle on foot; crossed, and learned, and got on bicycle vigorously.


   2020.4.8 elementary school, junior high school, high school entrance ceremony

Entrance ceremony was held in elementary school, junior high school, high school in the town block on Wednesday, April 8.
Congratulations on 44 elementary schools, junior high school 45, everybody, entrance to school of 38 high schools!


    2020.4.1 nursery school admission type

In たいき north nursery school in the town block, たいき south nursery school, Oda Center for Early Childhood Education and Care Ohisama, admission type was held.
35 children entered a kindergarten this year.



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