Setting of reading support function

We offer reading support of Taiki-cho original in consideration for accessibility.

Even if reader does not download special software, we just click button on homepage and can perform sound reading and furigana indication of homepage, letter expansion or bridal change of dresses watches of the night.
We can use each function when we click function button of homepage top.
As it is saved, as for the setting of screen, it is applied to Cookie of Web browser when we are read after the next time (case effective ※ Cookie).

Explanation of each function

We are reading

It is function to read contents of page aloud by sound.


We add furigana (agate) to kanji in page and make it easy to read.
Furigana is displayed when we click button once, and furigana is non-displayed in the second click.

moji size

We can increase size of letter to two phases.
We increase to size of 1.5 times in the first click and double in the second click.
We can get back to original size in the third click.


We change color taste of screen.
It becomes blue background in the second click in the first click in black background.
We can get back to original color in the third click.

Company banner

Taiki-cho publishes this banner in the responsibility of the master of banner. About banner and the linked contents, Taiki-cho does not do recommendation.












The details of banner publication are this